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Do Therapists Get Frustrated with Clients?

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Do Therapists Get Frustrated with Clients? Introduction It’s a question many might shy away from, but it’s perfectly natural to wonder: Do therapists ever get frustrated with their clients? After all, therapists, like any other professionals, are human too, and feelings of frustration are a normal part of human emotions. Understanding this aspect of therapy […]

Can I Go Back to My Old Therapist?

Can I Go Back to My Old Therapist? Introduction Have you ever thought about going back to your old therapist after a break from therapy? It’s a common scenario and perfectly understandable. Maybe you’ve encountered new challenges or realised some unfinished business needs addressing. Whatever the reason, returning to a familiar Cheltenham Therapist who knows […]

Do therapists feel sad when their clients end therapy?

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Do Therapists Feel Sad When Their Clients End Therapy? Introduction Imagine walking a long journey with someone, through ups and downs, then suddenly, it’s time to part ways. That’s a bit what it feels like for therapists, including your Cheltenham Therapist, when a client’s therapy sessions come to an end. It’s a bittersweet moment. On […]

Do therapists ever cry in session?

Do Therapists Ever Cry in Session? Introduction It’s a question that might cross your mind as you sit across from your therapist, sharing your deepest emotions: “Can my therapist be moved to tears just like me?” While it may seem that therapists, such as your Cheltenham Therapist, are always composed and unaffected, they are, in […]

Will my therapist judge me if I cry?

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Will My Therapist Judge Me If I Cry? Introduction Have you ever felt a surge of tears coming on during a therapy session and panicked, “What will my therapist think?” It’s a common worry, but here’s the scoop: therapists, especially a seasoned Cheltenham Therapist, understand that tears are a natural part of the healing process. […]

Why does my therapist go silent?

A woman in a therapy session,much like Evesham Therapist Laura Hunter

Why Does My Therapist Go Silent? Introduction Ever found yourself in the middle of a therapy session, sharing your deepest thoughts, when suddenly—your therapist goes silent? If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone. It might feel awkward, maybe even unsettling at first, but believe it or not, there’s method to the silence. A Cheltenham […]

Can I ask my therapist to hold me?

Can I Ask My Therapist to Hold Me? Introduction Well, you might feel like you need a hug sometimes, right? Who doesn’t! But when it comes to therapy sessions, can you ask your therapist for that kind of physical comfort? It’s a sticky situation, indeed. Let’s unpack why the line between seeking support and maintaining […]

Should therapists comfort crying clients?

Should Therapists Comfort Crying Clients? Introduction When emotions overflow in the safe space of a therapy room, it is not uncommon for tears to follow. But when a client begins to cry, what is the appropriate response for a therapist or counsellor? This question touches on the core values of empathy, professionalism, and the therapeutic […]

Why Can’t I Cry in Front of My Therapist?

Why Can’t I Cry in Front of My Therapist? Therapy sessions are often envisioned as emotional havens where tears freely flow, encapsulating moments of vulnerability and release. This portrayal can leave many wondering why they can’t cry in front of their therapist, especially when they believe it’s an expected part of the healing process. In […]

Why Can’t I Tell My Therapist Everything?

Why Can’t I Tell My Therapist Everything? Therapy is a journey of self-discovery and healing, a process through which we uncover layers of our experiences, thoughts, and emotions. It’s a space where we’re encouraged to share openly and honestly to facilitate our growth and understanding. Yet, many find themselves asking, “Why can’t I tell my […]

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