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A Word About Me...

My Journey In Brief

"I was hugely dysregulated..."

To understand the motives behind my mission, here’s a little about me…

Totally overwhelmed by stress and erratic emotions, I first experienced therapy age 19.

What motivated me to seek help was disordered eating, which was spiralling out of control. Little did I know, beyond the first session, we would barely even talk about food. In reality, I was a highly traumatised teen, and hugely dysregulated.

Over the course of therapy, I received such genuine care and empathy, with zero judgement in response to anything I shared. This changed the course of my life.

Laura Hunter, Evesham Therapist
Laura Hunter, Evesham Therapist, sitting on a sofa with a cold-pack on her head, suffering with a migraine
Me when I suffered with migraines and had to ice my head with cold packs and wear blue light blocking glasses to manage the pain...

"My body crumbled..."

Whilst being so accepted and validated did feel healing, talking only got me so far.

I had developed greater awareness around my emotions; but I still felt like they weren’t allowed and wished they weren’t there.

It also hadn’t shifted my physiology: I still lived in a constant state of fight/flight/freeze, feeling permanently unsafe and flooded with adrenaline.

I couldn’t relax my body, had terrible quality sleep, frequently bounced between anxiety and depression, and had chronic, debilitating migraines…

On track to qualify as a Barrister, a serious viral infection coupled with living in a damp and mouldy apartment was the final straw, and my body crumbled under the pressure.

Now experiencing total physical and emotional burnout, this further ignited my quest for healing.  

Empowerment through EFT

In the years that followed, I undertook a huge variety of therapeutic work.

I then stumbled across EFT, and it was empowering! For the first time, I literally felt emotions moving through me: At last all that tension and trauma was starting to gently be released.

I went on to train in EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. These techniques, coupled with my own 15+ years of self-discovery and healing, enable me to help clients unravel what feels like even the biggest mess, the stickiest issue. 

Laura Hunter Therapist basking in sunlight

What I want for you

My desire as a therapist is to walk alongside you wherever you are at in your journey…

…To offer you a calm, nurturing space, where you feel fully safe to be the truest expression of yourself and explore even your most vulnerable parts…

…To equip you with tools to help you feel better both physically and emotionally…

…To facilitate the processing of trauma such that it is no longer stored in your body and no longer limiting your life…

After all, it’s the broken parts of ourselves that can become the most beautiful once they are accepted, healed and fully re-integrated, helping us feel whole again.

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