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Can I Go Back to My Old Therapist?


Have you ever thought about going back to your old therapist after a break from therapy? It’s a common scenario and perfectly understandable. Maybe you’ve encountered new challenges or realised some unfinished business needs addressing. Whatever the reason, returning to a familiar Cheltenham Therapist who knows your history can seem like a comforting choice. But is it always the right move? Let’s explore the ins and outs of reconnecting with your former therapist.

Revisiting a Familiar Face

1. The Comfort of Familiarity

Going back to your old therapist can feel like returning to a safe haven. There’s comfort in familiarity; no need to retell your backstory or re-explain past traumas. This can make diving into therapy much quicker and potentially more effective since you’re not starting from scratch. Plus, the existing trust and rapport could make it easier to tackle deep issues more rapidly.

2. They Know Your History

Your previous therapist isn’t just familiar with your story; they’ve been part of it. They understand the nuances of your experiences and the strategies that have and haven’t worked for you in the past. This continuity can be a significant advantage in effectively addressing your needs the second time around.

Considering the Practicalities

1. Availability May Vary

While the idea of returning might be appealing, the reality is that therapists, including those in Cheltenham, often have full schedules, especially the good ones. Your old therapist might not have immediate openings, which could mean waiting for a spot to open up or deciding if you can wait at all.

2. Have They Changed Their Focus?

Therapists sometimes shift their specialisations or update their methods as part of their professional development. It’s worth checking whether they are still a good fit for your current needs. Perhaps they’ve shifted to specialise in a different area of mental health that doesn’t align with what you’re seeking now.

Evaluating Your Reasons for Leaving

1. Why Did You Leave?

Before you decide to return, it’s crucial to reflect on why you stopped seeing them in the first place. Did you feel you weren’t making progress? Was it a matter of logistics like timing or location? Understanding your reasons for leaving can help you determine whether it’s beneficial to return or if it might be time to explore new therapeutic relationships.

2. What Has Changed?

If you left because you weren’t satisfied with the therapy, what has changed now? Are your needs different, or have you perhaps changed your expectations? These considerations are essential in making an informed decision about returning to therapy with the same professional.


Deciding to go back to your old therapist can feel like stepping back into a comfortable pair of shoes. However, it’s important to consider both the emotional and practical aspects of this decision. If the conditions are right, and both parties are willing, this could reignite a beneficial therapeutic relationship and support your mental health journey.

If you’re contemplating a return to therapy or looking for new therapeutic support, why not get in touch? Booking a discovery call with Laura is a great first step to exploring your options and ensuring that your therapy meets your current needs. Whether it’s a familiar face or a new direction, taking action is your first step toward personal growth.

If you’re ready to start your journey, or want to find out more by speaking to me, I welcome all enquiries. I work with those across Cheltenham and surrounding areas like: Hillmorton, Clifton upon Dunsmore, Newton, Priors Marston, Rugby, Dunchurch, New Bilton, Bilton, Napton on the Hill, Cawston. Feel free to reach out today at 07360 497 077.

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