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Do Therapists Get Frustrated with Clients?


It’s a question many might shy away from, but it’s perfectly natural to wonder: Do therapists ever get frustrated with their clients? After all, therapists, like any other professionals, are human too, and feelings of frustration are a normal part of human emotions. Understanding this aspect of therapy can demystify the therapeutic process and enhance the therapist-client relationship. Let’s dive into why a therapist, even a seasoned Cheltenham Therapist, might feel this way, how they handle such emotions, and what you can do if you think your therapist might be frustrated with you.

Exploring the Grounds for Frustration

1. Mismatched Expectations

Sometimes, frustration can stem from mismatched expectations between a therapist and their client. Perhaps a client is not progressing as quickly as hoped, or they’re resistant to engaging with the therapy process. It’s also possible for therapists to feel frustrated when clients repeatedly miss sessions or seem uninterested in applying therapeutic techniques outside of sessions.

2. Challenging Behaviors

Clients may exhibit behaviours that are challenging for therapists to manage, such as non-compliance with the treatment plan or difficulty in expressing themselves, which can slow down the therapy process. Such scenarios can lead to moments of frustration for therapists who are committed to seeing their clients improve.

Therapists’ Strategies for Managing Emotions

1. Professional Training

A Cheltenham Therapist is trained to handle personal emotions and maintain a professional demeanour during sessions. Therapists learn to recognise their feelings and use supervision to discuss and manage difficult emotions without letting them impact the therapeutic relationship.

2. Reflective Practice

Therapists often engage in reflective practice, a method where they consider their own responses and emotions during and after sessions. This helps them understand their feelings and plan how to better handle similar situations in the future, ensuring that their frustration does not affect their professional responsibilities.

What to Do If You Feel Your Therapist Is Frustrated

1. Open Communication

If you sense that your therapist might be frustrated, the best approach is to bring it up during your session. A simple, “I feel like you might be frustrated with me; can we talk about it?” can open up a conversation that might help clarify misunderstandings and adjust expectations on both sides.

2. Assessing the Relationship

Discussing these feelings can also strengthen the therapeutic alliance. It provides a real-world example of how to manage and express feelings constructively, which is a valuable part of the therapy process. This dialogue can help both parties understand each other better, making the therapy more effective.


While therapists might occasionally feel frustrated during their practice, their professional training and personal strategies generally help them manage these emotions effectively. Recognising that therapists are human and can experience a range of emotions can lead to a deeper and more honest therapeutic relationship.

If you’re ever in doubt about how your therapist feels during your sessions, remember that communication is key. Addressing these concerns openly can lead to improvements in how you work together. And if you’re looking to start a therapeutic relationship or feel you might need a different perspective, why not reach out? Booking a discovery call with Laura is an excellent way to start addressing whatever is on your mind in a supportive and professional environment. Don’t hesitate to take the step towards better understanding yourself and your therapeutic needs.

If you’re ready to start your journey, or want to find out more by speaking to me, I welcome all enquiries. I work with those across Cheltenham and surrounding areas like: Hillmorton, Clifton upon Dunsmore, Newton, Priors Marston, Rugby, Dunchurch, New Bilton, Bilton, Napton on the Hill, Cawston. Feel free to reach out today at 07360 497 077.

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